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To enquire as to the availability of Erindale Theatre, emails, faxes or phone enquiries can be made to the Technical Managers (details available in the contact tab), and if dates can be agreed upon, details on how to complete a booking will be made clear in a confirmation email.
To help with the process of a tentative booking, please have these details handy and feel free to send them through with any email enquiries.

– Organisations Name

– Hirers Name

– Phone Number

– Email Address

– Dates for Booking

Tentative bookings will remain for a period of 28 days. In this 28 days, the hirer has the first 14 days to submit a completed booking application and send it back through to the Technical Managers. Once the booking application has been received the organisation/ hirer will be issued with a deposit invoice. Deposits are then due within the following 14 days of being issued. Once the deposit has been received, a confirmation email will be sent and the booking finalised.